03 March 2016

Bombay Street Kitchen ~ Indian - Glebe

Frankies, pav and puri. Expand your Indian street food vocab at Bombay Street Kitchen in Glebe.

There's been quite the turn over underneath University Hall in the last few years, from Italian to cocktails and pizza, now it's time for some Indian food to try it's hand. It's a strange little corner, the inside only has a few tables and outside is pleasant enough except for the odd gusts of wind and waves of traffic along the two busy roads. Bombay Street Kitchen is making the best of it, on a Wednesday lunch it is always busy as if Glebians have lain in wait until they can score an Indian fix.

The menu is a mix of Indian street food classics, smaller snack share plates or a lunch special of curry and rice.

Lamb frankie, $9.90 with a can of soft drink. When Alison mentions frankies to a work colleague, her eyes glaze over in a rapturous joy. "Oh frankies, that takes me right back to my childhood! We always had them as a treat." And what is a frankie you ask? A frankie is an Indian street food classic wrap using a thicker roti, with the bread washed inside with egg and then filled with either protein or veg. Think of it like a burrito with thicker bread. The version here is filled with spicy lamb mince and a sprinkling of salad, a good sized roll. It could be even spicier for our tastes, so ask them for more if you need it.

Vada Pav, $6.90. A spiced potato pattie, deep fried and shoved between a soft buttered bun. What's not to like? Sprinkle the 'gunpowder' (chilli powder) on for extra kick and a spoonful of mint chutney for balance. Although it's small, it's flavoursome. Vada Pav is probably the most famous Mumbai street food snack, keeping the workers fed for a few measly cents. This place is a food truck idea just waiting to happen...

Kheema Pav, $7.90. This version of the classic street fod snack involves lightly spiced lamb mince and peas, spooned as you please onto same soft buttered bun. Extras to taste are a lime wedge, red onion and chopped coriander which freshen up the flavour.

Pani Poori, $7.90. This is such a refined little snack, small puffed pockets of lentil batter filled with crunchy bhel mix (puffed rice, crisp noodles and nuts). Pour a little sweetish tamarind water in the puff and attempt to fit it all in your mouth at once.

Inside the pani poori.

We also tried one of their smaller dishes, two spicy lamb cutlets for $9.90. Good and juicy, and the coriander and cumin chutney was delicious.

From the pick n mix curry and rice section, the vegetable curry and rice for $9.90. There's a pappadum included, but beware the winds of Glebe as mine blew away! The veg curry was hearty, a deeply spiced sauce with loads of veggie goodness.

Bombay Street Kitchen is on the corner of the University Hall Building, cnr of Glebe Point Road and Parramatta Rd in Glebe. Ph: 9660 3726. Open Wed to Sat for lunch, Mon to Sat for dinner (closed Sundays).

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