26 June 2016

Supermarkets of Mystery - Super Bubur ~ Indonesian

While Super Bubur could be the name of an Indonesian super hero, we prefer to think of it as a super snack. Could it rival Indo Mie as the emergency lunch of choice?

We fell crazily and utterly in love with bubur ayam in Indonesia a few months ago, so what better than to have an instant version at hand for when the craving strikes? Bubur is the Indonesian version of rice porridge, or congee, juk, jook, okayu or khao tom depending on where in the world you are. 

The packet doesn't have everything advertised on the front (what, no shredded chicken, bread stick or pork crackling?), but you do get flakes of rice, a trio of flavour additions that Indo Mie fans will recognise (kecap, chilli and fried garlic) and a flavour sachet.

Tip the dry ingredients into a bowl and add hot water. Wait a couple of minutes for the rice to hydrate and the MSG to work its magic. You know that's what makes this stuff taste good.

Add the crackers and the magic flavour trio and there you go, instant burbur! While it wasn't as magical as a roadside stall in Tuban, we love the quick snack warmth and crisp crunch of the crackers to see us through until we can hit up some porridge at Podomoro.

We love bubur, especially Super Burbur!

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