15 October 2020

Galbi Korean Charcoal BBQ, Waterloo

Galbi in Waterloo has been one of our little saviours during the zombie apocalypse - outdoor seating, purdy bonsai garden and healthy delicious food. 

Galbi is in the Crown Square Shopping Plaza, which is a wee nugget of b-kyu greatness with about half a dozen little restos, a couple of which have outdoor seating. Unfortunately this culdesac is a bit hidden and doesn't get the foot traffic it deserves, the crowds tend to gravitate more towards the shopping/eating areas of Dank Street to the North and Gadigal Avenue/Zetland to the south. 

Galbi lured us in with outdoor seating and some beauties on the menu that are hard to find elsewhere.


The owners have a lovely little bonsai garden to distract you from the monolithic Toyota dealership on the other side.


We seriously dig on Galbi's banchan, it always has an abundance of veggies (we are veggie fiends), and one or two dishes of something fried or sweet to balance it out.

The brocolli in sesame oil is a standout favourite. Making one humble ingredient taste amazing is the hallmark of b-kyu genious.

Our favourite dish here so far is the eel bibimbap - $19. The eel is much like in Japanese cuisine, coated in a sweet sauce to balance the fishy flavours, it works so well in bibimbap.. 

The bibimbap is loaded with veggies and purple rice,  it's super healthy and super yum. We always walk away from Galbi feeling quite full yet healthy, a nice feeling.

This is the dish that lured us in - Al bibimbap $19. We loved the fish roe but it does get lost in all the other flavours when mixed together.

Al tang - $18. Spicy fish egg soup. Those white firm meaty hunks of whatever that hold the fish eggs have a lovely texture and a funky flavour that we are yet to acquire a taste for. 

Galbi Korean Charcoal BBQ is the Crown Squre Shopping Plaza, at 6/5 Potter St, Waterloo. Corner of Bourke Street, just look for the big white Toyota dealership that has been there forever. 

This post was brought to by Ms Tinker J. Pussycat of Paddington, possibly the smoochiest pussycat we have ever met.

OT - one of the many great little pleasures of living in the Newtown area is the art display window of the  Newtown School of Performing Arts. A recent favourite was this recreation Charles Burton Barber's Suspense, which Shawn will pretend he knew of and didn't google it.

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