06 July 2016

News: Three new stalls in Eating World Food Court, Chinatown

It's news time with tales of brand spanking shiny new food stalls at Eating World filling us with delight. There's so much new food to explore, better grab those stretchy pants.

The opening of new food stalls in our beloved food courts is always a source of great joy. Here's three new ones just opened in Eating World Food Court in Chinatown. We are currently eating our way through the menus, so here's a preview in the munching meanwhile.

Loving Spicy might sound like the name of a film you wouldn't want your mum to catch you watching, or result in some strange results when entered into Google. The latest in an uprising of pick 'n' mix mala tang (spicy soup) restos like Yang Guo Fu in Dixon House, this one has the trays of selections priced at $12.00 for 500g for spicy soup or $13.00 for spicy mix.

This next stall we can't tell you the English name. We've had to get some help getting a translation (and yes, we did ask inside but we didn't get any help there either.) 'Grandma Liu Hamburger, Shaanxi street snacks, 10 years in business' seems to be the closest we can get. Any other translations welcomed.

It replaces the excellent Phuong Special Vietnamese whose pork rolls will be missed.

There's some great promise in here, cold rice noodles with chilly sauce, chinese pork hamburgers, and noodle soups to explore.

The last stall is a Chongqing specialty house replacing the oldest running stall in Eating World that had no name. We've been digging the noodles here, some twice cooked pork and more still to try.

We love Eating World. Long live Eating World.


  1. The grandma Liu place advertises its Rou Jia mo- which is the shaanxi hamburger equivalent often filled with lamb or pork. Great stuff. The rest of the translation is right. If they stick to type they should also serve Liang Pi(noodle jelly), and various delicious noodles (you Po mo, saozi mian, biang biang mian). Happy snacking!

  2. I think I need to pay a visit to Grandma Liu asap!


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