20 July 2016

Delicious Duck King ~ Chinese - Dixon House, Chinatown

How much does everyone love a good duck? But what happens to all the other bits of edible bird besides the delicious flesh and crisp skin? Delicious Duck King has all your feet, head and innards sorted.

Tucked inside the first level of Dixon House is a takeaway shop that sells duck. While you would expect a BBQ or roast duck place, this one is different.

Laid out on trays inside is an array of all the bits of duck that many people wouldn't bother cooking let alone eating. The usual advice for left over bits of duck bones and scraps is for it to be thrown in to a stock pot, but here the duck is cooked in spices and ready for snacking. Duck necks are cooked in two different flavours (spicy or sweet spicy) and chopped into smaller easy to eat pieces.

We asked inside the store what is the best way these should be eaten - cooked in soup? The response was 'we just eat them.' Fair enough.

The most obvious ducky parts are the heads, roasted in spices and sold with everything inside. The bottom part of the beak and the tongue are missing (duck tongue is a specialty of dim sum) but otherwise it's intact.

Next most recognisable are the feet, again either in spicy or sweet spicy flavour.

So we took home a duck head for $3. There really wasn't much meat on it, but there was a heck of a lot of flavour! There's skin covering the bones and a little meat around the neck and cheeks, you pick apart the tasty morsels and enjoy nice and slow.

The other flavour wonder was the livers, cooked and lightly spiced. We chopped these and threw them into a stir fry with some lao gan ma ('the godmother') chilli sauce. If you don't know this stuff, it's magic. Look for the chilli sauce with the grumpy lady photo.

There's a few non duck items on the menu, we couldn't stop eating this pot of spicy dried soya cream, it's made from the skins that form on top of cooked soy milk and is deeeeelicious!

The shelves inside the shop were empty of products, all they seemed to have in stock was duck.

Delicious Duck King is at Shop G05, Dixon House, 413-415 Sussex Street, Chinatown. They also have a shop at Shop 2, 423 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills. Ducking good.

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  1. the grumpy lady sauce is the best!

  2. Lol the grumpy lady always makes me smile. And this spot looks like quite the gem. I've walked past a couple of times but have yet to get ducked.


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