16 August 2016

Tomo's Washoku Japanese ~ Dixon House Food Court

There's a corker of a new Japanese stall in Dixon House Food Court.

Just one look at this stall tells us we're in for something good. It's Japanese-run which is all we need to know.

The menu is good'n'simple - some don, curry, udon and a little deep fried goodness. Plus some sushi and bento.

Beef yakiniku - large - $11.80. Grilled marinated beef on rice with a little salad, pasta salad and pickles. Fairly large hunks of cow marinated and\or sauced up in (we guess) soy, sake and sugar. These are grilled very nicely, juicy with a touch of charcoal outside. It's a deceptively large serve, Mr Shawn was stuffed all afternoon. We'll go the regular size next time.

Chirashi don - $14.80 (large). A great version of one of our favourite Japanese dishes: mixed sashimi on flavoured sushi rice. This is Mr Shawn's favourite dish here.

Pork katsudon - $10 (regular). Pork fillet crumbed in panko and deep fried to a lovely crunch, think pork schnitty on rice. There's healthy drizzle of bulldog bbq sauce over the top. Served rice with a little salad and pickle. Awesome.

Chicken karage bento - $8.90. Deep fried chicken, pasta salad, roast pumpkin or sweet potato, prawn tempura, veggie tempura, sushi. Pickles and rice. They have a few varieties in the bento department.

Salmon don - $12.90. Tomo's sashimi dons are amongst our very favourite feeds in Chinatown - the salmon don comes with plenty of salmon sashimi piled up into a pretty flower.

Tomo's Tashoku Japanese is in the wonderful Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown, corner of Dixon Street Mall and Little Hay Street.

This post was brought to you Miss West Juliette J. Pussycat, the most reliable pat tart in Enmore.


  1. Great! I will have to try this - I got to Eating World on the regular with my boyfriend so he can have his fix of the legendary Gumshara, but I like to try different things. My favourites are Pondok or Hong Kong King Chef... but I will have to try this =)

  2. I've just been to Dixon House and Tomo's Kitchen has closed down!

  3. Yeah Tomo's is sadly missed :(


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