12 August 2016

Allan's Cake Hot Bread ~ Bakery - Newtown

Hot Bread shops like this are fast disappearing in the inner west and across Sydney as buildings get renovated and tastes change or owners move on. Allans Cake Hot Bread is still serving up their cake goodness and pork rolls to all and sundry in Newtown and Enmore.

Allan's Cake Hot Bread first opened in Erskineville in the building now inhabited by Erskine Villa, a wonderful round windowed site on the corner of Erskineville Rd and Prospect St. They moved to Newtown on Enmore Rd nearly twenty years ago and are holding on strong.

As you would expect to find in Newtown, they have a Vegan Roll for $5 that includes all the usual salad-y goodness but instead of pork it has slices of vegetarian mock meat. Now that's not gonna sound too enticing to some people but if you have a strange love of chicken roll, devon, bologna or mortadella (like we do) it's not that far off in texture. To atone, Alison did have to make sure she had a pork roll the next day just to satisfy the banh mi gods who when happy ensure a crisp roll everytime.

The chicken roll ($6) is a pleasure we haven't really cottoned onto, until now. Warm roast chook inside a crunchy roll filled with chilli and salad is something that soothes a weary stomach's soul, especially on a cold day.

In winter the other main attraction is a meatball roll ($6). There were no white rolls left so had to go with a wholemeal option, but it didn't detract from the pork meatballs in a tomato sauce that soaked through the bread and made it extra tasty.

As always, there's the gold old favourite pork roll and this one is a goodun'. $5 for all the fixins, coriander, red onions and good fresh chili and sauce ratio. Crunchy bun goodness, the gods were pleased.

Allan's Cake Hot Bread is at 49 Enmore Road, Enmore.

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  1. I'm seeing too much bread and gaps (air?) In these rolls...


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