18 December 2016

Sussex Centre Food Court: new openings and renovations

Sussex Centre Food Court has recently undergone some big changes with new stallholders opening and stall renovations. We round up the new places to eat and the changes to old favourites..

Bowl in One is the latest ma la tang (spicy soup) specialist to pop up around the city. The basic idea is to choose your own vegetables and meat for your soup, pay by the weight and they make it up exactly to order. 

The pricing is a usual $12 for 500g. If you choose carefully you can really get a filling soup, go hard on the light green vegetables and light on the heavier fish balls. It's an art.

Bowl in One replaces Cafe de Relax, we will miss their Hong Kong/Macau style baked spaghetti and pork chop dishes.

Next change is Zan Bou, next to Ma's Kitchen. The menu here is Cantonese, specialising in steamed rice hot pots, congee, noodle soups and stir fried spaghetti. There's cold selections in the fridge of pig's ears and chicken feet to share while you wait. We've visited here a couple of times now (post to come) and we can tell you the steamed pork king rib is a killer.

Oden House recently picked up sticks from their Goulburn St store and moved into Sussex Centre. Their 'bento' plates are a great deal, with the braised chicken leg our current favourite. We did spy a stuffed eggplant dish in the bain-marie-of-love we will be heading back for.

Ma's Kitchen has had a spruce up, it's almost unrecognisable. There's many of the same dishes available, they've made the menu a little easier to sort through and it doesn't look like two different shops anymore.

Same goes for Top Choice. They've gone with a more minimal menu design but the pictures are quite small and hard to read. Perhaps not the best renovation job here, hope it works for them.

The latest stall to undergo renovation is the much loved Happy Chef.

They've taken more than the three weeks they promised (it's been nearly two months). According to their Facebook page they've had problems with the builder which has caused the delay. Hoping to see them back soon, there's hoards of upset laksa lovers to console.

Sussex Centre Food Court is at 401 Sussex St, Sydney. 


  1. Yay Happy Chef finally reopened this week, 3 months later than the sign indicated.

  2. Yay indeed! They must be really Happy Chefs now! Groan at my own joke.

  3. And they have put up their prices about $2.00 to pay for it. Why did they do the reno anyway - the old place was still very successful. Now it is just more expensive.

  4. I have a feeling the centre mandated it. All the stalls have gone through a refurb the past year.

    I see market city is redoing their food court and moving it downstairs

    1. It looks like that as all the stalls are very shiny and new looking. Market City renovation is intriguing, waiting to find out who will still be there is my kind of nail biting reality TV!


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