11 December 2016

The Wild Nest Cafe ~ Indonesian \ Australian - Alexandria

 A cafe in Alexandria with Indonesian specialties, The Wild Nest could make a beef rendang roll the new tradie lunch time favourite. [Closed]

Around the factory seconds land of Alexandria warehouses is a cafe that has a menu that has your usual cafe fare, with some Indonesian classic dishes in the mix and a few that cross over between the two. The Wild Nest has all the look of a regular caf from the outside, but it's not until you take a second look at the pictures posted on the windows and the menu board that you realise there is something a little different.

The space inside is bright, with a bit of light slap of the hipster design brush. On the counter look for the more detailed Indonesian specialty menus, there are pictures to help entice you away from a ham and cheese toastie.

The first thing that caught our eye was the Beef rendang roll - $8. Slow cooked spicy beef stuffed onto a sweet brioche style bread roll and topped with coleslaw like shredded cabbage to balance all that saucy goodness. This is satisfying and filling in so many ways, even the high-vis brigade loves a bit of it. Shawn has been back to try this again and it still hits a high mark.

Tongseng - lamb curry soup - $8. If soup is more your bag for lunch, this hearty one is more like a stew. It's filled with bits of lamb in a thickish soupy sauce and the side serve of rice helps to balance it all out.

Quarters of fresh tomato thrown in at the end add some extra goodness. It's not particularly spicy so dive in.

Flat white in a glass, all class.

If you are feeling porky then the Balinese pulled pork bun might be more your style. Yes, this is pulled pork, which seems to be coming to the end of its run on the food fad scale, but given a little new lease on life.

If you've tried babi guling in Bali then you know just how good pork can get in Indonesia. This version takes the roasted pork and adds a sweetish sauce to it, adds in shredded cabbage for crunch and balance and you have yourself another winner. It's run down your fingers messy.

Nasi goreng ayam, $11. Chicken fried rice with a fried egg has to be a universal cure for what ails ya. The mix of all the essential stuff of life, tossed together with sweet soy. Ask for extra kecap manis and chilli sauce.

Ayam Goreng, $10. If you just want to get straight to the chook, then order this fried bit of bird. Always go the leg and thigh if you ever get a choice, it has the best flavour being close to the bone and enough juice to stop it drying out. The sambal on the side is house made and yes, there's a whack of chilli heat there to make you cry mother.

Our business gurus.

The first hint this ain't just a sandwich joint, the board outside has specials and suggestions.

We'll be back to try the bubur ayam some time.

The Wild Nest Cafe is at Shop 1, 105-109 McEvoy Street, Alexandria. The 370 from Newtown stops right out the front.

The Wild Nest Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

On the way out we spied this pooch and his traveling buddies. He must have a great wind tossed hairdo by the end of the ride.

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