31 January 2017

Kammadhenu - Malaysian, South Indian and Sri Lankan ~ Homebush

Is this the best curry in Sydney? Kammadhenu in Homebush has this self proclaimed title, so we try out their claim.

It's a hot day when we head out to Homebush for lunch before a game at the football arena, we're thinking of some Sri Lankan and this suits nicely as a pre stadium meal. The wooden table outdoor seating at Kammadhenu fits in with the heat, it is shaded and cool with room to spread out your share plates.

The first thing we spied as we walked past were the containers of lamprais from the takeaway part of the restaurant. We ordered one - looks like it was just emptied onto the plate strait up, but the mutton filling was so good we didn't complain about the presentation, not that it really matters to us anyway.

Big brother Paul who has joined us has been dreaming of doing some surfing in Sri Lanka, so we get him in the food mood with egg hoppers, $3 each. The lacy sides break off for scooping up the coconut sambal, leaving the soft cooked egg in the bottom.

Eggplant Curry, $9.90. Often we pick the vegetable curries, especially eggplant that lends a hearty and sometimes smokey flavour if grilled beforehand.

Mushroom mutter, $11.90. The same with a mushroom curry, studded with small green peas. The sauce is creamy with a tomato base, almost like butter chicken. Butter chicken is on our list of dishes that we really love but are too cool to order but will happily eat if someone else does. Whoops, guess the secret is out.

Instead of more rice we get some roti, puffed and smashed. The creamy curries make this an essential for mopping up the leftover sauce.

Salt Lassi, $3. The sweeter style lassis can sometimes be overpowering to have with a meal, but a salt lassi sips just fine. If you are a fan of ayran, then this is similar.

Tall cool iced milk teas and coffees suit the weather and the meal, with a ginger or masala tea to end.

Wattalappam, $6. The classic Sri Lankan dessert made with treacle and cashews. This one is served without any syrup but makes a good post curry treat when you've had just one scoop of curry laden roti too much.

The takeaway section at the front of the store, with sweets and preprepared meals like lamprais ready to go.

So was big brother hooked? From all accounts he's a fan, let the surfing adventure go forth. We won't declare it the best curry in Sydney, we haven't eaten enough to make that claim. There's always another place to try.

Kammadhenu is at 32-36 Burlington Rd, Homebush. Ph: 9953 9999.

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  1. When I was here last (on Christmas Eve) the place appeared to be going through a transformation of sorts- changing its name to "Blue Moon" and with a much smaller menu. Seemed to have more of an Indian focus, though still had all the Sri Lankan essentials.

    1. Thanks for the intel, I had this post ready for a while before publishing, things do change quickly in old Sydney. Wonder if it is like Blue Moon in Wentworthville, Kerala style?

    2. A quick Google would seem to indicate it's another branch of that place, so maybe


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