26 January 2017

Shun Fai Modern Av Co ~ Chinese - Chinatown

A tiny store in Chinatown holds a massive collection of lanterns, lucky cats, fans and umbrellas, packed into every nook and cranny. Everything for the lunar new year and any other celebration.

This edition of B-Kyu doesn't focus on a food store, however you can find some food related decorative items in there. Shun Fai Modern Av Co is one of those magical cavern like places you enter into, lit from within with bright colours, hanging lanterns and every sort of Asian themed trinket you could imagine. This is the kind of store you imagine finding in any big city Chinatown, but slowly they have all been closing down as communities leave the city centre and multi million dollar developments take their place. There's not many stores like this left.

Shun Fai Modern Av Co. has been open for over twenty years on Sussex Street in Sydney Chinatown. A narrow store, it manages to pack thousands of items on the shelves inside, down from the ceiling and out onto the pavement. You need to be careful walking through the store, especially at the back, as one careless move will send everything crashing.

When the lunar new year celebrations roll around, the front of the store gets packed full of lucky red envelopes, decorations of the coming zodiac sign, fat one day a page calendars and racks and rows of red and gold.

Even Snoopy gets a go on these cardboard firecracker decorations.

Its the back of the store, slightly darker and random, where it is truly a treasure trove. The sheer number of items on the shelves is spectacular. Faces on masks and lion heads follow your move.

The lucky cat smiles and waves.

Wedding celebration doll decorations, love the fellow in his top hat.

Hanging lions drop in.

Don't forget to look up once inside the store. There are decorative paper lanterns in every shape and size, from floral groovy patterned boxes to cartoon characters. Unfurled umbrellas hang upside down to display their delicate patterns.

Looking out from the back of the store to the street, the decorations hang everywhere. The women who work here are a little cautious about dawdlers, but helpful to get you anything you want. We recommended you consult them in case you cause an avalanche from a wrong move. They will even put together a selection of lucky charms for you for a few dollars.

Hanging garlands, red on red, glistening gold.

We recommend Shun Fai Modern Av Co. for all your compact disc, laser disc, Buddha accessories, jade, chinaware, gifts, key cut, watch battery, underwear and bra etc needs.

You'll find them at Shop 3A, 410 Sussex Street, Haymarket. Phone (02) 9212 3636.


  1. I bought my first Chinatown DVDs here almost 13 years ago - I think they were House of Flying Daggers and Hero. It makes me happy to see the store still there each time I'm back in Chinatown, my favorite part of the city.

  2. The first pic of red pockets has common last names on them!

    1. That's so interesting, thanks for interpreting for us we appreciate it!


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