31 July 2017

Bonolota ~ Bangladeshi & Indian - Rockdale

We train it out to Rockdale to visit Fuska House, only to find it is no  more, all that is left is a cranky note from the landlord taped to the door. So we sniff around for something similar, ie Bangladeshi and awesome. We find Bonolota in the magic block of shops on the west side of Rockdale Station, where Banoful once lived.

Bonolota's tagline is 'fine dining' which may be a stretch for some, but is certainly more than fine enough for us.

We gotta say the service really was extra fine - our waiter dude was ultra friendly and helpful, and the kitchen staggered our dishes in such a pleasant and unexpected way - our tightarse order of a couple of breakfast deals and side snacks turned into a leisurely three course meal, ending on a high note with sweet spiced tea.

There's a function room at the rear that looked rather schmick decked out in wedding reception white table cloths and chair covers. Some folks arrived all glammed up for a big afternoon just as we were leaving. We'd love to know what they'd be eating.

This was one of those meals where we walked out on a high - and said to each other several times later in the day "F### that was a good lunch.".

Dal puri - $3. A toasty bread pocket smeared inside with dhal. Fill it with veggies if you wish, or there's tomato sauce on the side which works almost as well.

Chot poti - $7.70. A lentil broth with a sneaky chili bite topped with crispy (fuska?) bits and some tamarind sauce on the side. We could have happily just had these two excellent snackages for lunch.

From the breakfast deals part of the menu we go for chicken gila koliza ($10.90) - chicken livers with two paratha (or naan) bread. Fuska house is still the favourite.

Tear off some roti and fill it with rich delicious goo. The chicken liver curry is mild in offal flavours, but that touch of funk adds a bunch of depth and richness to that rich, creamy good. It's a bit of wonderful.

Beef chap - $13.90. A heavily seasoned steak, it's a thin steak with bone-in, like a minute t-bone. This baby is also to be eaten wrapped in paratha bread - it's like a roti steak sandwich. It's another bit of wonderful, though if anybody knows the lady who ran Fuska House in Rockdale, please tell here we miss her extra special touch.

The paratha is superb - light and golden.

The meat/bread dishes come with this sharp minty yoghurt dip that adds a fresh tangy punch.

The waiter dude very rightly suggested our tea be served at the end of the meal. It was sweet and spiced - like dessert and a drink all in one. This ended the meal on a high.

Bonolota menu - click to enlarge.

Bonolota menu - click to enlarge.

Bonolota menu - click to enlarge.

Bonolota menu - click to enlarge.

Bonolota menu - click to enlarge.

Bonolota menu - click to enlarge.

Bonolota breakfast specials.

Bonolota is at 23-25 Frederick Street, Rockdale. Phone 9599 9405. www.bonolota.com.au.

Bonolota Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

From Rockdale it's an easy downhill waddle along Bay Street to Brighton-Le-Sands. The beach is surreal on one of those magic Sydney sunny winter days. From here you can walk miles along the beachfront in either direction. Head left towards the city and you can end up at Tempe, walk to Newtown if you are extra keen. Or turn right as we did today and the path takes you south along the water all the way well into the Georges River.

At the mouth of the Georges river we felt like were in some coastal town, a million miles from a big city, even though we're smack bang in the middle of one. We earmarked a couple of sailing clubs along the walk that overlook the water, these look perfect for an afternoon schooner or family shindig.

Sydney is such an incredible city to explore. We walked the path until it hit the bridge at Sans Souci where we jumped on a bus to Kogorah/Rockdale on Rocky Point Road.

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