16 September 2017

Lestari - Indonesian ~ Ultimo

Lestari has moved from its smaller digs to just a few doors along. The new space is food hall cavernous, with large hunger busting plates and bowls of Indo favourites.

You need to go on a slight detour to find Lestari. Head down the alleyway off Harris Street behind the Agincourt Hotel or enter from George Street and walk down the stairs just past Furin Ramen. This large canteen like space (once the home of ATL Marantha) considerably doubles the eating space of the old site.

The ordering rules and set up is simple. Order and pay at the counter, take your number and sit where you like, the food gets delivered to you. Help yourself to implements, water and cups, and a pot of sambal for your table. Wait for your food to arrive.

The menu remains mostly the same with the move. Their prices have only gone up by just a couple of dollars since we first came here back in 2010.

We love a good bakso, the Indonesian rissole/meatball in soup. This version is made with beef tendons, they're ground into large and bouncy balls of meat and flour and served with fried tofu and a handful of vermicelli noodles in a clear broth.

There's also classic Indo soups like rawon ($10), a dark beefy broth with small pieces of meat and loads of crisp bean sprouts on top. This one is served with a small bowl of rice so you can dip a spoonful into the soup for extra flavour.

Bakmi ayam jamur - $9. Springy. chewy noodles with chopped chicken and mushrooms and a side of boiled greens. There's a small pool of soupy sauce at the bottom that coats the noodles and chicken when stirred together. A small squirt of kecap manis and some chilli sauce, komplit.

Nasi Goreng Jawa (Trasi) manis plus egg $10. If you head in during Uni semester lunchtime, most hungry students will be hunkered over a large plate of fried rice or noodles. For $10 this plate of fried rice with a frilly edged fried egg is huge, unless you pack a big appetite pack a lunchbox to take some home.

Kwetiew Goreng with BBQ Pork - $12. Yep there's an abundance of oily, fried goodness in this plate, and oh so much extra flavour from the pork. A plateful of relief or regret, depending on your stomach needs on the day.

Lestari is at 93/732 Harris Street, Ultimo. Ph: 0430 138 268. They close early most nights (around 8.00) so don't head there too late.

On the stairs on the way down, peek inside the fryers at the back of KFC. The secrets are revealed.

Lestari Resto Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. I tried to go yesterday. Looks like they're closed until the 24th.

    1. Great timing on our blog posts as usual. At least they haven't closed down!

    2. Have you tried this new Indonesian's place near SYD CBD ? https://www.sbs.com.au/food/article/2017/10/16/tapas-style-indonesian-sambal

    3. Not yet, looks interesting.


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