19 October 2017

Minh Hai ~ Chinese \ Vietnamese - Sussex Centre Food Court

Why are we so excited that Minh-Hai has opened a stall in Sussex Centre Food Court, when their mothership restaurant, a long running and much loved local institution, is a minute's walk away on George Street?

Maybe it's like buying a greatest hits album when you already have all the studio albums - it's just nice to see your favourite tracks rearranged in a different order in new packaging. Or maybe we just like hanging out in food courts.

The real reason we are so pleased to see Minh Hai open in Sussex Centre Food Court is we have an excuse to come back yet again for their famous salt chicken ($10.80), a dish that crosses ours minds almost every time we visit Chinatown. Do we eat an old favourite or try something new?

Salt chicken is one of those divisive dishes - some folks don't like that it's served cool, is gently salty  in flavour, and that it has a slight gelatinous texture. But we love salt chicken because it is served cool, is gently salty in flavour, and has a slight gelatinous texture. Dunk it in some chili sauce and oh mama - brain and body just love that cool combo of protein'n'starch - the world is good again.

Roast pork chop on rice - $10.80. It's fried but don't tell mum, fried pork chop always tastes good, and it's even better with that Vietnamese leaning sweet chili sauce on top.

Chicken noodle soup - $9.80. A gentle chicken-y broth with a generous amount of chooken and thin rice noodles that are nice'n'bitey right to the bottom of the bowl. Mr Shawn's leg hurt before he ate this soup. Then it stopped. Proof that chicken soup is medicinal.

Curry fried noodle - $10.80. Similar to what Aussies call Singapore noodles - stir fried thin noodles with a good whack of curry powder. This won't fix your leg but will fix a hangover.

Soyed leg ham with rice - $10.80 (with fried egg $12.30).  Now this is a dish we don't see around much steamed\roasted (?) pork flavoured with soy. The pork tastes like real pork with that slight gamey flavour - we're impressed. The fat and slight funk of the pork are cut nicely with pickled veg and an optional fried googie egg.

Minh Hai is in the Sussex Centre Food Court - 401 Sussex Street, Chinatown. Head up the escalator and razzle your rubber nipples.

This post is brought to you by an old pal, Ms Spider J. Pussycat of Enmore, she meows like Bonnie Tyler and leaps from her napping chair for a pat and a roll. She has been doing so for ten years now, and plans to spend her long service leave lying down.

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  1. If you really like salt chicken, my wife told me that you can find the best is at Wei Long Hakka restaurant at the corner of Sussex and Bathurst Street. I love their Hakka cuisine like home-made fish balls and braised pork with preserved vegetables, etc also.


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