11 November 2017

Supermarkets of mystery - Ibumie Penang White Curry Mee

Instant noodles take on the classic Penang white curry mee.

Many a meal has been saved by instant noodles and the varieties are close to endless. We were intrigued when reading about this version made to resemble white curry mee. These instant noodles gained cult status when first released in Malaysia a few years ago, we saw it sold in bulk packs in the Chowrasta market in Georgetown ready to go home with the hoards of weekend tourists. There's a few different brands with the MyKuali rated as one of the best, but this version made by Ibumie is more widely available. Our pack came in a set of four, but they are also available separately.

White curry mee isn't a dish found readily in Malaysian restos here in Sydney (Hawker did a fine version) so this is about the closest we will get next to booking a flight to Penang. Not a bad idea actually...

Inside the pack.  Two sachets of seasoning powder, one of curry paste and a block of noodles. 

The smaller sachet has the broth seasoning, a slightly fishy based flavour based on anchovy powder. Also contains MSG for extra kick. The larger sachet is simply non dairy creamer, which gives the noodle soup the 'white' base. The curry paste is palm oily and rich and also has a hint of shrimp in it.

Instructions suggest you boil the noodles in 350ml of water, then add seasonings and stir. We cut down some of the fat in these noodles by boiling the noodles and then draining the water, along with the extra pam oil that comes out when the noodles are heated. Then add some fresh boiled water and the seasoning.

The finished pimped up version with a boiled egg and some fresh mint leaves. The broth is light, even with the added creamer and has a light fishy flavour. It's the curry paste that really gives it a kick along, there's enough chilli to leave a slight tingle on the lips and enough fat to leave a few inches on the hips.

White curry mee noodles (in a few different varities) are available at Tong Li, Miracle and Thai Kee supermarkets.


  1. So glad you discovered it - been eating it for years - one of the cheapest and authentic laksa mixes on the planet!


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