07 February 2018

Noodle Pot ~ Chinese - Haymarket

Noodle Pot has been Mr Shawn's extra happy special place of late.

Not only is the food top notch, it's a relaxed and friendly little joint, extra points to the extra helpful counter dude who is always happy to explain the finer points of his dishes. Wherever else we have been eating, a little part of Shawn really wanted to be at Noodle Pot, sitting at the counter watching the world go by, eating some of the best dang soup in town.

Stewed duck leg noodle soup - $13.80.  This is the soup that made Mr Shawn fall in love with Noodle Pot. A big bowl of gorgeous broth, very gently flavoured, it just tastes like really good stock, duck we assume. It has a heartwarming meaty flavour and nice touch of oil to it. The duck leg is plain in flavour which works well with the soup. This is one of those soups that is plain at first slurp, then turns magical halfway through the bowl as flavours meld and planets align.

Braised duck leg noodle soup - $16.80. The broth is super plain, clean and subtle, we've come to adore this style of broth, it suits both hot and cold weather too. You may wish to eat the soup plain and nibble at the duck on the side. Or you may wish to dump the duck in the soup to flavour up the broth. We like it both ways. The duck is in a very sweet dark sugary sauce. You can buy the duck by the half or whole too. You really only need a few bites of the stuff, it's a big flavour and there's plenty of it. We took home three-quarters of it and made it the star course of our dinner. No wonder this is a seventeen buck noodle soup, it's two meals in one.

Marinated fish fillets with special Shanghai sauce in noodle soup (or dry) - $12.80. Like the duck soup above - a super plain broth with goodies on the side. The fish fillets have a gentle bite from the pan and are super sweet, it works really well with the plain broth. We've had this baby a couple of times.

Braised chopped pork ball in noodle soup (or dry) - $12.80. As far as we are concerned chopped pork ball is fancy talk for rissole. We love rissoles in all their forms, and these are a cut above. You can get them as a side dish as well.

Nanking Duck Soup Vermicelli - $13.80. A house speciality and the soup that lured us in the first place. A thin, opaque broth - lightly meaty and peppery, wonderful. It comes with various duck innards, tofu puffs and clear, flavour soaker noodles. We thought the ducks innards would make for big pungent flavours, but the offal flavours are extra mild, making for a gentle, soul soothing soup. Yay.

Noodle Pot also has a great bainmarie-of-love with the good old three-choices-with-rice.

There's a bunch of ready-to-go side dishes by the counter. Pick, point, enjoy. You can never go wrong with chili pigs ear.

If you see one of these sesame seed coated things on the counter, grab one. We've had a couple now and each time there has been an oh-my-god moment - it's dry and flaky at first bite, then there's some lovely lardy flavour we can't put a finger on, and maybe a bit of chive or something. Woh.

Look mum, we has been eatin our vegables.

Noodle Pot is at 35 Ultimo Road, Haymarket/Chinatown. You should be too.

Noodle Pot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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