30 April 2018

El Pinoy Grill ~ Filipino - Paddy's Markets, Haymarket

Breakfast at Paddy's Markets doesn't have to be the usual bacon and egg rolls. How about a Filipino option at El Pinoy Grill?

There's a number of food vans inside Paddy's, with El Pinoy tucked up the back close to the Quay St entrance. Surrounded by stuffed kangaroo fake fur backpacks, it's something a little bit unusual. And unusual calls us like nothing else. We've been here before but not for breakfast and it's become a favourite place to drop in for the occasional box of takeaway.

This is fine low-falutin' dining at it's finest. 

There's a number of different classic Filipino breakfast plates here for $10, including the spiced sausage called longisilog. Served with rice with a fried egg hat and a small cup of cane sugar vinegar, this is one filling plate of food.

If you're more of a steak for breakfast type, the tapsilog would be your thing. The beefy bits have a sweetish sauce coating which is cut by the vinegar to give some balance. We would have loved some sinangag (garlic fried rice) with it, but we're happy to just find a Pinoy breakfast in the CBD.

There's daily specials and a changing menu, not everything is always available depending on what's cooked on the day.

More favourites including dessert.

El Pinoy Grill is at the back of Paddy's Haymarket, close to the Quay St entrance. Opens around 9.30.

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