16 May 2018

Noodle Bay ~ Chinese, Haymarket/Chinatown

Noodle Bay replaces the similar and excellent T Noodle in the Prince Centre, Chinatown. It's a Sichuan/Chong Qing style menu - that means plenty of spice and variable heat. This is one of our favourite food styles and they do a motza job of it.

It's a teeny-tiny eat'n'run joint. The staff are super lovely and on-the-ball. Noodle Bay feels uniquely squishy and comfy at the same time, unless you sit right under one of the too-bright downlights, then if feels like a cheerful interrogation room. Our eyes and camera recommend a table near the door.

We've sampled a few of our favourite dishes here and hope to come back and try the lunch specials and some of the western  dishes on the menu, such as the smokey American BBQ ribs and the slow cooked lamb shank in rosemary and red wine.

Dan dan noodles ($12.80) are number one on the menu hence must be tried. The balance of chili to Sichuan pepper is just perfect for our tastes, the oil in the broths gives it a touch of umami, the mince pork adds some oomf. Hot and spicy without blowing heads off. We expected a splurgle of sesame paste, being dan dan noodles and all, but who cares, this made a fully grown manchild happy on a drab rainy day.

Signature dry noodle - $11.80. The menu says must-try and we try, we must. It's like spicy Chinese spaghetti taken up a notch with roasted chili and Sichuan pepper. It's rippa skeddi, Rita.

Spicy beef noodle - $12.80.  A dark sweet meaty broth with warming medium chili bite, livened up with a small handful of coriander.  We tried it with flat noodles which are nice and chumpy and recommended.

Chongqing noodle soup - $10.80. A good version of one of our favourite dishes with plenty bitey chili, thin noodles are recommended for this one.

Noodle Bay is in the Prince Centre, 8 Quay Street Chinatown.

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