12 July 2018

Medani Bakery ~ Israeli - Bondi Junction

Medani Bakery is bringing out fresh bread and falafel along Bronte Rd, Israeli style.

Bronte Rd runs from Bondi Junction toward Waverley with a changing mix of shops and apartments. Medani Bakery is a recent addition, bringing an in-store wood fired oven to bake fresh bread, pita and bagels.

This Israeli store has a mix of breakfast, brunch, lunch or linner options. You can choose your eating occasion and match it here.

Sabbich plate - $15. Eggplant, a sliced and perfectly boiled egg, Israeli salad (tomato, cucumber and parsley), hummus with a slick of oil, tahini, pickles, pita bread and harrissa. We go gaga over the harissa, it has a soft hit of chilli heat and more of a pickled lemon flavour. The bread is thick and soft, we would have loved another round to go with all the fixin's.

Hrelmeh - $18. Fish fillet and chickpeas cooked in chili, coriander, turmeric and paprika marinade served with couscous. Difficult to pronounce, not so difficult to eat. Soft bread dipping joy.

Fresh bagels, $1.20 each. Sesame or plain version available, cooked on site. They have a sweet dough texture, almost like bread cake.

Cheesecake. A hint of lemon in the soft cream cheese mix sits comfortably on top of the crumbly biscuit base.

Halva babka - $4.50. Halva, a sesame paste, is mixed in with bread like cake of babka. It's a pull apart with a crisp sugar sweet top and a soft cake inside. The halva isn't too strong, just enough for the nutty hit.

Menu inside the store. The falafel plates looked worth a red hot go.

Medani Bakery is at 114 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction. And St Ives too - medanibakery.com.au

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  1. Interesting, I just tried this one also at their new St. Ives branch. Their shaksuka and sambusaks are nice also.


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