17 July 2018

Broadway Food Court ~ Ultimo

We uncover the glorious strangeness of the Broadway Food Court.

This isn't the flash new food court in the large Broadway shopping centre. This Broadway Food Court lies behind the strip of stores at the corner of Broadway and Bay Street in Ultimo. Oporto, Pappa Rich and The Hub are visible on the street outside, but behind them is a strange, empty corridor where the stores and the food court meet.

Before Pappa Rich, the Chinese restaurant Epic Yum Cha spread tables and chairs out into the hallway behind. Murals painted on the walls depict a continental al fresco dining scene, plates set and bottles of wine ready to be poured.

Country dining vibes.

Pappa Rich backs on to the outside but unlike other prior tenants they keep it blocked off.

The number of tables and chairs has reduced over the years. The Tardis like tray return and bins stand sentinel to busier times, hopeful for some attention.

There's potentially a new stall opening, or perhaps it's been there for some time lying in wait and we've never noticed it before?

The few tables are brightly patterned laminex. The chairs are covered in a mismatched flower fabric, covering up the ex-function centre look.

Beside the Thai massage and plastic surgery offices, there are only three food stalls in here. The longest serving is a mala tang (spicy soup) stall. 

QY Dumpling Bar is the latest opening. We've been exploring their rou jia mo, dumplings and soups and will post on this place separately. 

Zaab Ver is a Thai take away with a cracker of a soup special. $5.99 for a noodle soup is a pretty happy meal.

Broadway Food Court is at 185 Broadway, Ultimo, behind Pappa Rich. Just follow the mysterious corridor.

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