06 September 2018

Croatian Club at Club Punchbowl

We love visiting community clubs, they are always different, always welcoming, and the food is always worth a crack. This week we try the Croatian Club in Punchbowl.

We turn up for lunch on a Sunday. There's no signs or menus or anything, just a queue, so we join in. A great grandnanna in front us is cracking jokes and pinching grandpa on the bum, the queue moves along quickly. Lunch turns out to be a about $24 for as much can be stacked on a plate.  And man, folks can stack a lot of food on a plate. Most of it meat. The ladle lady is surprised when we ask for vegetables and anything less than half a cow each.

A pork neck steak on a foundation of cevapi, alongside a meat skewer and a capsicum stuffed with more glorious meat. It's the best mixed grill we've ever had.

A cabbage roll filled with super smokey pork, it's an eye-popper. We got some veggies to impress nana and garlic prawns. Man, European chefs do garlic like nobody else, it coats the veggies. And we'd love to know how they do those potatoes.

We expected lunch to be delicious though plain and stodgey, but there were some really big flavours, and you can design your plate to be as heavy or as light as you like. We plan to return in elastic waisted eating pants to try the amazing looking roast pork'n'crackling, and we must try the beef stew and mashed potato.

Club Punchbowl / Croation Club is at 921 Punchbowl Road (cnr Canterbury Road) - see www.clubpunchbowl.com.au. A big shout out to whoever handed in Alison's wallet and the super nice reception lady who held it for us. We'll be back.

Vukovar Bistro - Croatian Club Punchbowl Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

PS - grab some Lebanese sweeties in Punchbowl or Bankstown afterwards, we returned to Al Afrah in Punchbowl. Our taxi driver, a proud Bankstown boy from birth, recommends next time we go to Sea Sweet in Mt Lewis. We certainly will.

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