20 September 2018

Mithu's Restaurant ~ Sri Lankan, Homebush West

We were digging on Mithu's Restaurant in Flemington/Homebush West a few years back, before and after our Sri Lanka trip, we finally make it back for a return feast.

You've probably seen Mithu's from the train, it's right across the road from at Homebush West Station, where we're happy to see Transport NSW has installed an elevator for the great masses of uncles and aunties laden with goodies from Flemington Markets. No more dragging that trolley up and down all those stairs.

Mithu's Restaurant is more takeaway than restaurant these days, so too all our favourite Sri Lankan joints in Sydney, but there's still half a dozen tables and the food is still awesome. And who needs tablecloths anyway?

Veggie curry plate - the star of the show is the eggplant - smokey and super eggplant-y, yo mama.

Each curry plate comes with dhal, carrot and spinach curries,  yoghurt and a mountain of rice. The veggie curry also came with one of those awesome roasted chilis.

The chicken curry has a gentle heat and tastes like a mild butter chicken, it was ok but the eggplant curry kicked it's butt.

We couldn't see kothu roti on the menu, which is a shame because Mr Mithu made one of the best kothu roti's we've ever had. The dosas were a popular pick, we'll be back.

Mithu's is at 105 The Crescent, Homebush West, around the corner from Rams.

This post was brought to by Mr Orange-Grumpy J. Pussycat of Newtown. Nudge nudge wink wink say no more.


  1. If you want really great Sri Lankan food go to where the Sri lankan leave in Sydney toongabbie, just next to toongabbie is some of the best Sri Lankan food in sydney.

    1. Just to correct my comment, it should have been where Sri Lankan live not leave and next to toongabbie station

    2. Thanks, we've explored a few places out there and it's worth getting out west to Pendle Hill, Wentworthville as well.


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