28 October 2018

Dunhuang Lou Restaurant ~ Chinese - George Street City\Chinatown

Just when we thought Lanzhou beef noodle soup was gone and forgotten in Sydney, we get 1919 in Ashfield, and now Dunhuang Lou in Chinatown. Oh my giddy auntie.

It took a couple of visits to figure out the name of this place: the English sign is written in one of those bugger-to-read fancy fonts. Turns out, as far as we can tell, the name is Dunhuang Lou. Google says Dunhuang is a city, but won't tell us what Lou means in this context.

The menu is good'n'simple. Pick a set. Choose your noodle size, if in doubt, ask for regular. And pick a side if you wish. Take a number, a spoon and some chopsticks and await noodle soup redemption.

#1 Beef noodle soup + side dish - $10.90. The soup broth has a bigger, beefier, saltier flavour than other Lanzhou noodles soups we've had, it's cooked in a big simmering cauldron placed centre stage in kitchen, we love a joint that takes broth seriously. The soup is crammed with noodles which were hand made minutes ago by the dough slapping dude in the window.

The side is pickled something or other, quite sweet, lovely crunchy texture.

#4 - Beef noodle soup + side dish + egg boiled in soy sauce + beef sliced - $15.99. We go for the deluxe model and it's a serious feed.

Dunhuang Lou Restaurant is at Shop 3 710 George Street, City/Chinatown fringe.


  1. Argh, those chairs. Just looking at them puts me off. I know 6'2" 140kg caucasians aren't their target market, but a couple of regular stools would be good.

    1. On top of that they have packed the tables tight inside so you have to squeeze through diners to get to the counter, when there is a queue at lunchtime it's minor chaos - nobody seems to mind though.

  2. Lou means building, so here it would be like "House of Dunhuang"..

  3. There's quite a few Lanzhou and other noodle joints opened in Burwood :)


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