31 October 2018

Taste of Home ~ Chinese - Eating World Food Court, Chinatown

Ten dishes at Taste of Home, our latest favourite stir fry joint in Eating World.

Fish soup rice noodles with handmade fish tofu - $12.80. The fishy tofu puffy things are amazing, like fishballs taken up a level, they work wonders in the gentle seafoody broth. This is the pick of the menu we reckon.

Fish soup rice noodles with handmade fish balls - $12.80.  Like the soup before it only with fishballs, which are delicious but not quite as eye-popping as the fish tofu. We really like the broth in these soups - a gentle taste of the sea, plain though refreshing, restorative even.

Scrambled egg with chives and dried tofu - $11.80. Gentle eggie flavours given fresh green lift by the chives, the firm tofu adds chumpy goodness. The leftovers made a great side dish later on.

We asked for the spicy pork tripe ($11.80) and the boss lady recommends we go half tripe and half chicken, and the chef pops his head out from the kitchen to confirm. And how right they are. The mix of plain chicken and funky trip is perfect. It is cooked Chongqing style - loads of dried chili and a good dash of oil giving a wonderful smokey chili flavour. Remember kids, you're not supposed to eat all the chilis - it's about taking your time picking out the meat and veg, it's ok to leave a plate full of chilis behind.

Seafood tofu soup - $11.80. A hefty bowl of plain broth, tasting lightly seafoody and thickened a little with cornstarch or something, like lor mee, and filled with itty bitties of fish, squid and prawn and cubes of silken tofu. It's a noodle-free soup with rice served on the side.

Sweet and sour fish - $13.80. Holus bolus deep fried fishus foodcourtus. The best bits are the edges where the skin is fried to a crisp and soaked with that sticky sweet sauce.

Pork intestine with capscium and pickle - $12.80. Piggy innerbits stir fried in brown sauce with capsicum and shrooms. The intestines are gently offally with a nice itty-gristly bite. It's a plain and veggie-happy dish, a good partner to something more in-your-face.

Garlic and butter sauce rice with seafood 12.80. Fried rice with fried prawns and mussels with a lovely gentle eggy buttery goopy sauce - soothes mind and belly. We ate half for lunch and the half formed the base of dinner.

Braised fish with eggplant 11.80. Whole fish (species fishus foodcourtus) in a sweetish brown sauce given some punch with black beans and a touch of chili, it kinda tastes like bbq sauce. On top of a whole fish there is chunks of eggplant and tofu puffs. What more could you want for twelve bucks? Maybe the chef will lend you his car as well.

Beef cubes with okra $13.80. The wee beef  nuggets are fairly tender, with a little wok smokiness amongst the soy and sugar (we guess). There's a crunch to the okra which we love, it is usually cooked long and slow till it is gooey.

Taste of Home is in Eating World Food Court, top of the Dixon Street Mall, Chinatown. A shout-out to the people who run the stall, dang nice folks.

This post was brought to you the biggest pat tart we've ever met, possibly an Australian Mist, hanging out down the road from Emma's Snack Bar.


  1. Just a typo in the bold title for the second dish (the fish balls, referred to as fish tofu, presumably cut and paste from above).

    I loved the fish balls soup, easily the best fishballs I've ever eaten in Australia. But the fish tofu is also great so last time the nice lady offered me half and half when I was umming and erring.

  2. Thanks once again Stan - glad it wasn't just us, they do muthertruckin good fishballs.

  3. I tried the noodle w/ hand-made fish tofu today and they're on special for lunch - only costs me $9.80. I guess that's the effect of your blog advertisement, so the place put them on special. Good value.


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