14 February 2019

Valentine's Day Romance - Over the Moon Koon in Petersham

Fancy a beer and Chinese feed, love? Valentines Day done Petersham style.

The Huntsbury Hotel in Petersham is a pub still pretty much rolling along much like it has for years. 

It has that mix of RSL club carpet, dark wood and pool tables, nice and chrome free, there's plenty of sport on the screens and a friendly crew at the bar. And they pour a mean Reschs with a smile. 

The view of magnificent New Canterbury Road.

Even Barry Crocker gets a moment of fame on the wall. "Hope you never have a Barry"!

Across the road, we think these appliances must have a heart of gold. When a man needs a maid, get on down here.

After beers dinner calls. The Moon Koon must be one of the last regular brand Chinese restaurants in the inner west.

Mixed entree - $6.50. Prawn toast, spring roll and a dim sim. Love means having to cut your prawn toast in half and share.

Staring at the walls between courses, it happens when you've been shacked up for nearly twenty years. Our conversation was punctuated with the sound of a ringing telephone, as punters called in orders and made bookings. All very pre-Uber, when you called up the local and went down to get it yourself.

Small (but) special fried rice - $8.  A special meal calls for the special fried rice. Small bits of char siu, prawns and bean sprouts, no peas!

Minced pork and eggplant claypot - $14. While we regretted not getting the sweet and sour pork, we were happy with this mince and veggie filled dish with a mild chilli kick.

Shantung chicken with dry garlic and vinegar - $14.50. A sprinkle of peanuts on the top added some extra crunch. The skin was super crisp and there was a generous pile of meat. The wing parts were extra crunchy, mmmm.

Moon Koon Chinese Restaurant is at 81 New Canterbury Road, Petersham. Phone 9560 3500 and order over the phone. Or visit them on the information superhighway at www.moonkoonchinese.com.

The wizard of Petersham says swipe right on Valentine's Day.


  1. You started extremely well out of the blocks at your classic Aussie Chinese, with the mixed (deep fried) entrée and special fried rice. But where was the sweet and sour pork, black bean beef, lemon chicken and mongolian lamb?

  2. Barry AND Neil!! Love it - the best Valentine's day media coverage in town.

  3. Sadly the DA has been approved on the Huntsbury Hotel :(


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