20 February 2019

The Burman Kitchen ~ Burmese, Surry (Gasp) Hills

 Surry Hills is not our usual source of B-Kyu eateries. Often the places are just too dang hip for a couple of dags like us. But when an all time favourite like The Burman Kitchen moves from west to east we rise out of our bubble to try it.

The Burman Kitchen started out in Granville, where we fell in love at first bite. We turned up at the Granville location the day after it closed down and wept tears down Railway Parade. In 2018 it reopened in Surry Hills with a bold plan to spread the joy of Burmese food to the inner city crowd.  Some of the prices have gone up $5 here and there, and the menu has changed a little. Missing is the ngapi yea but there's a few more newer dishes for us to try. There are still good value takeaways in the front fridge, just like the old store.

The interiors are simple and quietly classy, there's no tablecloths for us to tuck in under our chins. We dig the rice basket plant holders.

Outside or close enough to it seating gives you a personalised experience of Crown Street, dogs and all.

Goat (or chicken) dan pauk - $20. Burmese style biryani, we chose goat and the pieces were generous and oh-so-soft. Served alongside is a dried chilli and dried prawn topping called balachaung, sprinkled over the rice as you wish, and a small fresh salad of cucumber and red onion rings.

Meeshay - $15. 'Thick round rice noodles with pulled chicken and soy bean paste, served with crunchy peanuts and pickled mustard leaves.' We chose this dish simply because we had no idea what it might be (our life's work in a nutshell). What does arrive on the table is a smell and taste that went beyond what the description gave up. There was an undeniable funk, coming from fermented bean paste, and a more astringent flavour from vinegar. The most intriguing part was the clear, glutinous blobs in the bowl, made from tapioca and adding that vital and desired element to many dishes - texture. Want more texture? Add in some of the pickled vegetable and balachaung served alongside.

Laphet thote - Pickled tea leaf salad - $15. An absolute favourite from the Granville location. The mix of the crisp yellow peas and fermented tea leaves means every shovel you get into your gob has crunch, flavour and power. Sprinkle on roasted coconut for more of everything.

The Burman Kitchen menu - click to enlarge your mind.

The main thing that hasn't changed? The utter friendliness of owner Lay Lay Naing who comes out to make sure we not only that we enjoyed our meal but liked the more challenging flavours. She always makes us feel like we are big spending regulars rather than the average slob diners we are.

The Burman Kitchen is at 614 Crown Street, Surry Hills - www.theburmankitchen.com.au.

The Burman Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

No visit to Crown Street is complete without paying homage to the site of Dasher the Wonderdog. We love you Dasher.

But we always find new dog pals to meet and greet. There will be no explanations given for the necessity of a Cinzano box.

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