26 August 2019

Mirasa ~ Indonesian, Mascot

Kingsford is now Mascot...

Not so long ago Kingsford was our go-to spot for Indonesian food. But the rent in Kingsford must be getting pricey as some smaller operators are opening up along the main drag in Mascot. Which is great for us, it's heaps closer to home. And it's all about us.

Mirasa has a simple menu. A simple menu is a good menu when it comes to Indo, you know it's all going to be top shelf.  These folks used to operate in Kensington on Todman Ave, where the legendary ATL Maranatha once lived for a while (which is now in Mascot too). Bonus points for the super tops auntie.

Sup campur - $12. A clear soup with meatballs, wontons and these wonderful stuffed tofu square thingies. This soup is noodle-free which makes it much easier to share.

Nasi goreng Mirasa - $12. A good wok-smokey fried rice with a googie-egg hat, and the loveliest of lovely lightly pickled cabbage on the side, which made a wonderful sweet, fresh counter to the rice. Yeah.

Mie goreng Mirasa - $12. Mie goreng is always different, and always good. This one is light on the spice and sweet with kecap manis.

Mirasa is at 1179 Botany Road, Mascot.

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