20 August 2019

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant ~ Chinese, Haymarket

There are eight million Chinatown Noodle Restaurants in the Naked City, this has been one of them.

While all the Chinatown Noodle Restaurants around town are run by different folks and have different menus, they are all top notch. This time we hit the one on the corner on the Quay Street side of the Prince Centre.

The three noodle and dumpling seasoning essentials - vinegar, soy and chilli paste. Use these to balance out salt, sour and heat in your soup or dunking mix.

(Something written in Chinese, maybe noodle soup) with red braised beef - $11.80. Good honest and chumpy beef noodle soup. It has restorative powers on a hot day.

Ding ding noodles with lamb - around $12. Teeny fat chopped noodles, like German spaetzle in a homestyle plain refreshing soup.

Thumb noodles with egg & tomato - $13.80. Wee macaroni sized noodles in a clean clean broth made extra homely with egg and tomato.

Authentic X'ian noodle with pork and veg - $12.80. Lovely chumpy handmade noodles in hot'n'tangy broth with minced pork, veggies and tofu.

Lamb skewers - three littlies for five bucks. Worthy side snackage.

Chinatown Noodle Restaurant is at 13/8 Quay Street, Chinatown/Haymarket.

Great to see our heroes Danny and Smarty getting a paint-up in Sydney.


  1. Great restaurant, and the Chinese hamburger with pulled cumin lamb, cucumber and chilli in a bao is great. The owner used to play violin in the doorway to pull in passing trade...

  2. The owner now has a shop in Chatswood, also called Chinatown Noodle Restaurant and he often plays his violin in that shop too.

  3. That's great to know, thanks heaps!


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