07 November 2019

Enjoy Cafe ~ Indonesian\Strayan - Sussex Street, City

Another great slashy Indonesian/Strayan cafe, we love any place where we can get a flat white with our ayam bakar.

Is this by far the schmanciest Indo joint in Sydney? Crane your neck upwards, there's black and white posters all over the ceiling of Ian Dury, the B-52s, the Specials, Blue Velvet, Wizzard, Mott the Hoople and Love. It’s like the poster ceiling in the old Goulds on King St.

It's not just schmancy - it's good all the good stuff: bainmarie-of-love, picture menus and kitchen aunties. We are big fans of their other shop, Enjoy Mie in Kensington, we're in good hands.

Bakmi ayam komplit - $15. Lovely plump and bitey yellow noodles with braised chooken bits, always a favourite lunch - not too big or too small, with soup on the side to add to the noodles if/when you wish. The komplit is the deluxe model snazzed out with tea egg, wonton, bakso meatballs and power steering.

Bubur ayam - $9.50. Super smooth smooshy rice porridge with a lovely turmeric flavour and fixings of shredded chook, fried bread stick and rice crackers. We love buber ayam and it's a beauty. It's not an easy dish to find around Sydney, very happy.

Sate babi - $12. Six skewars of pork marinated in something sweet and yum, a little chewy perhaps but we loved the texture of these. The little bits of pickled veg were a surprise bonus. We love us some pickled veg. All you need is love.

Bakmi Siantar - $15. The menu mentions bakmi siantar originated in Northern Sumatra. With a homemade special sauce, this noodle is covered with BBQ pork, lardy bits of crisp pork fat, diced chicken, a pork wonton, half a braised soy egg, green vegetables and bean sprouts. Pour some of the salty side soup over the lot and swirl kecap manis and chilli sauce in to add extra spice.

Ayam bakar - $12. A grilled chicken maryland that is sweet and a little charcoaled. Sambal on the side. It's a 20 minute wait for this one but worth it.

Enjoy Cafe is at 375 Sussex Street, city/Chinatown north.

Enjoy Mie & Enjoy Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  1. Yes, I also like this place. FYI, it is spelled "Bubur Ayam" instead of Burber Ayam as you wrote above. It literally means Chicken Porridge.


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