01 November 2019

Lai's Family French Hot Bread and Lai's Banh Mi - Glebe

Lai's Family French Hot Bread has been dishing out banh mi at the top of Glebe Point Rd for some time. They've taken a punt with a new store at the bottom of the street, topping and tailing Glebe with pork roll goodness.

The classic pork roll at Lai's has been a favourite of ours for some time. They make their own bread, the fillings are generous and not too messy and the price is good for the city. Lai's Family French Hot Bread also does the full range of lunch options, with chicken, meatball and lemongrass beef as a different choice, as well as pies and sausage rolls that they make. They are a bakery, so there's plenty of sweet endings for your lunch too, the lamingtons looked worth a coconut and chocolate punt.

They have the classic set up in a bain-marie-of-love so you can see what goes into your sandwich. There's often a queue at lunchtime for a sandwich or pastry, the locals know.

Lai's Family French Hot Bread is at the very top of Glebe Point Road at  number 315B.

Since the closure of Little Devil on Broadway and the brief appearance of Destination Roll, there's been a dearth of pork roll options in Glebe / Ultimo. Enter Lai's Banh Mi, opening in the ex-falafel joint at the bottom of Glebe Point Rd under University House. Above, a half eaten pork roll showcasing the innards.

The meatball roll with squished, soft meatballs inside. This is a heartier version of a pork roll, legend has it you can get extra pork meatballs on request. Legend may be on to something.

Want extra crackling? There are some special days where you can add pork crackling for an extra buck, and you really must do this. You might crack a tooth but the satisfaction of the crunch, salt and fat is worth it.

Bakery goods for sale, made at the top-o-the-road shop. Pies and sausage rolls too.

Lai's Banh Mi is at 3/281-285 Broadway, Glebe. Student discounts available.

We love this artwork of the trams that used to swing down Glebe Point Rd.

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