29 January 2020

Moka ~ Japanese, Beaconsfield

We were sniffing around Green Square Station and bumped into Moka, which specialises in omurice, a Japanese hunger buster of omellette covered rice, plus sauce.

Moka is non-Japanese-Japanese, but we love it anyway because it has a great menu and well, the place is a little weird...

...and we like weird.

It's a large space by Sydney standards, decked out in all white with a row of booths, tables and pleather chairs down each side, and a bathtub full of plush toys in the corner for selfies.

Moka's main thing is omurice - an island of rice covered with omellette and a moat of curry, good honest simple tucker. Apparently the crepe cakes are good too, they sure look good, but we never have room for any after omurice.

Demi-glaze sauce omerice - $16.80. A good straight-up Western/Japanese style beef stew, the sauce kinda tasted of tomato and bolognaise with maybe a little cream, goes surprisingly well with the omelette and rice. Seriously good comfort food.

Double sauce omurice - $19.80. Choose two of the three sauces omurice, we pick Japanese curry, which tastes like Japanese curry always does, and creamy white sauce, which sounds like it could be very wrong, but it was very right - a creamy bacon and mushroom pasta style sauce. This mix of flavours works way better than we thought it would.

Moka is at 358 Botany Road, Beaconsfield, a short walk from Green Square Station.

Moka Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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