05 March 2020

Ayam Ayam ~ Indonesian, Maroubra Junction

Ayam Ayam is by the folks from the glorious Medan Ciak,  reason enough to mosey out to Maroubra.

It's a pretty nice spot for a hole-in-the-wall, certainly pleasant for a lazy late arvo lunch. There's a bainmarie-of-love and a great menu, nice staff, and we just know the food will be joyous.

Paket nasi bebek bakar - grilled duck rice set -  $15. A super tendy mouth melty duck maryland, gloriously sweet with kecap manis. The set comes with boiled googie egg, fried tempeh, fried tofu and your choice of chili sauces, we go for sambal pecak. An extra shout out for the fried tofu, usually tofu is a bit half arsed in Sydney Indonesian joints, this one is a ripper, reminds us of the great fried tofu we had in Bukittingi. How can a simple piece of fried tofu be so good?

Paket nasi ikan bakar - grilled barramundi rice set - $23. There's lots of fleshy fishy and the belado sauce, chili and tomato, is a little sweet and very much awesome.

Sup bakso ayam - chicken ball soup - $7. Glorious balls of chumpy chicken mystery meat in a light peppery broth.

Ayam Ayam is at 189 Maroubra Road, Maroubra Junction.

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