03 March 2020

Ibby's Seafood - Lebanese Fish'n'Chips, Lakemba

Ah Lakemba, what a place to eat! We went out to try an Indian Chinese restaurant but it was closed, so we try Lebanese fish and chips instead.

We've walked past Ibby's seafood many many times always wondering what Lebanese fish and chips is like.  It looks the same as regular fish and chips but with a few Lebanese specialties.

The decor gets us in the mood, so Spongebob. So does the aircon.

Marinated rice with prawns and calamari - $15. Fried rice with a hearty schplozzle of soy sauce and something sweet, with seafood and a squeeze of lime.  This small serve is hefty, half of it made it home to dinner (snazzed up with more seafood plus salad and pickles, oh boy).

Samke harra sandwich - $15 with chippies and drink. Fish marinated in tahini, chili, garlic and coriander in toasted Lebanese bread - like a fish kebab. This has got us all excited to come back and try the other variations on samke harra, as well as the grilled fish.

Ibby's Seafood is at 107 Haldon Street, Lakemba.

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