22 May 2020

Sharon Kwan Kitchen ~ Malaysian, Petersham

Is it a caterer? Is it a takeaway? Is it a restaurant? It's Sharon Kwan Kitchen, and she is everything.

When we hear the voice of Sharon, we are right there in Malaysia. She bustles around the kitchen cracking jokes, making a fuss and reporting on how crowded Marrickville Metro has become these days. We ate in at the tiny Parramatta Road shop on the very last weekend before takeaway was the norm and went back for more a couple of weeks later to eat in Petersham Park.

Ayam bakar - $13.90 for half chook. A flame grilled style chicken rather than the Indo versions we've tried covered in sweet sauce and grilled. It works like this with the sauce on the side and there is a choice of three, we like the Thai style namjim sauce the best. We love the chicken rotisserie inside the store, its straight out of an old school charcoal chicken shop. It gives it those lovely crisp skin bits.

From the specials board we try assam laksa, and we reckon it's the best we've had in Sydney, a lovely tangy fish broth with super fresh fixin's on top. The sourness of the broth is a wonder and the fresh herbs add that lift it all needs.

When we get takeaway we go for the ayam bakar chicken meal, 1/4 chook and two sides and namjim sauce. Shawn has a need to compare the one he had earlier when we ate in, any excuse really. We have sides of nasi kuning, coconut powered yellow rice, and the house salad which seems like a Malaysian slaw. It passes the comparison test with flying chicken wing colours.

A recommended takeaway option is the roti wraps. At $10 for the two wraps this is a good lunch. We tried the beef keema and pea filling, which reminds Alison of her Mum's curry mince she used to cook up in huge batches to feed six kids. The warm beef mince and pea filling is topped with the same tasty slaw as in the chicken meal, it has a hint of citrus and not overpowered by mayo so it's a winner. The roti is nice and flaky and has some weight to take the filling without falling apart.

Last of all is a pot of pulut hitam, warm black sticky rice and coconut cream to swirl into it. Yes, you should.

Sharon Kwan Kitchen is at 726 Parramatta Rd, Petersham. There is a range of ready made curries and meals to take home, look out for what's ready in the fridge behind the front counter. The excellent Petersham Park is right behind if you want a green and pleasant spot to enjoy your food.

This post is brought to you by a local friendly pussycat we have nicknamed 'Potsy' for her habit of sitting in her front of house pot plants and waiting for pats.

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  1. This has been on my list for a while. Need to try. Looks soo good. Thanks for the reminder.


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