16 April 2020

Sydney Cebu Lechon ~ Filipino, Enmore

Another of our pre lockdown meals , this time at Sydney Cebu Lechon on Enmore Road. Oh, dining out, how we miss you!

We finally got to Sydney Cebu Lechon earlier this year. They are still open for takeaway as we write, pickups and delivery (see their website for orders). We especially like the look of the Lockdown Meal sets!

Before sriracha sauce took over as the must-have chili sauce for everything, good old Tabasco was king. There's a Tabasco theme running throughout the decorations here, from the neon sign in the doorway to the tins on the tables. They love a bit of hot sauce here.

Original Lechon (you can also get a spicy version). The crisp skin on top is like a layer of pork toffee, cracklingly good. Underneath the soft pork is no slouch, it is juicy and delicious. The side serve of vinegar and pickle helps cut through the fattiness.

Chicken humba (adobo) with steamed rice. A generous serve of chicken bone-in leg bits in the favourite Filipino flavouring of vinegar and soy.

Halo halo had to be the desert choice. That ube, we love it and the cubes of flan on the top made us wish we had gone full metal flan as well. What niggled us a little was that at $12.50, this is served in a plastic cup with a plastic spoon and we are not sure why. For taste, eating off plastic just doesn't cut it and for a dine in meal, what's the point of serving in a disposable? We'd love to see this served in a nice big glass with a real spoon!

Sydney Cebu Lechon is at Shop 4/80-80A Enmore Rd, Newtown. It's a short walk from Newtown Station or get off the bus right near the Enmore Theatre.

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