23 August 2020

Xi'an Cuisine ~ Chinese, Haymarket/Chinatown

Our quest to find outdoor dining with b-kyu street-cred during the zombie invasion brings us back  to Xi'an Cuisine on Hay Street, one of Chinatown's golden great hole-in-the wall restos.

We've been to Xi'an Cuisine a bunch of times over the years but haven't been for quite a while, so we are a little shocked to see how cheap it is, only $8.50 for a noodle soup? We'd happily pay a little more to support the wonderful auntie and uncle in charge. So why not order an extra dish or two and take home the leftovers?

Preserved mustard vegetable and pork noodle soup - $8.50. This style of soup is our go-to these days, the combo of plain-ish broth and the sharp acid tang of preserved veggies can balance an off-tummy like nothing else. It's magic.

Egg pita - $4.50. On the Chinese hamburger front, Xi'an Cuisine has always been our favourite. We love this spicy egg version. What a grand feast for thirteen bucks, eh?

Xi'an Cuisine is another of those places we recommend revisiting now rather than later, you just never know when these folks may decide to retire.

Xi'an Cuisine is at Shop 4 / 90 Hay Street Chinatown.

Abercrombie Charlie and Feral Beryl have been provided with comfy street furniture, a couple of chairs and a day bed.

"Duly deserved" says Feral Beryl. “About bloody time" says Charlie.

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