08 November 2020

Bite Cave ~ Balinese Indonesian - Bondi Junction

What's that Robin? There's a Balinese joint in Bondi Junction? Quick, to the Bite Cave!

Up the side street you always overlook, next to Westfield Mall and opposite the RSL is a small Janus-faced café, Bite Cave. Serving up a range of Indo meals and a pizza menu, it's doing double duty.

It's both Balinese and a pizza joint, but the Bali menu here is our gig.

They're cranking it all out from this small kitchen.

Nasic campur Ubud (Balinese pork lover set) - $18.  Pork satay skewers, lawar, sambel embe, super crunchy pork crackers and spicy egg. While all of the bits on this plate give us happy jiggles, it's lawar that real pops our rocks. We haven't tasted anything like this for some time, nor do we see it often on an Indo menu. A mix of coconut, chopped green beans (often small fern fronds are used in Bali) and turmeric, it's a perfect little salad to cut through the fatty pork.

Nasi campur Bali (Balinese traditional rice set) - $16. Lawar, beef satay skewers, raw sambal, coconut-y shredded chicken, spicy egg and crispy chicken skin. This one has same excellent lawar with chicken skin fried to a real crisp and beef mince wrapped around sugar cane sticks.

Ayam Betutu - $14. Balinese roasted chicken with Balinese lawar, Indonesian pickles and Balinese raw sambal. More lawar, did we tell you we like lawar? We also loved the raw sambal, vinegar soaked onion slices and chilli.

Nasi jinggo Bite Cave - $8. A mix of rice, lawar, tempeh, coconut-y chicken and a googie egg. This had us hootin' and hollerin' with excitement, we never thought we would find nasi jinggo in Sydney.

Cue dream sequence...

In our Bali travels we got hooked on nasi jinggo, often sold by a small army of street vendors catering to local workers. 

It usually came in paper and/or banana leaf packets for a buck but tasted insanely good, one of the very best street snacks we've encountered. There's different varieties and each vendor has their own style. 

End dream sequence...

Kuah balung - $10. Balinese pork rib soup. A few hunks of soft bone pork and a lovely meaty broth with a touch of chilli. A ripper.

Menu Kuta side

Menu Seminyak side

Bite Cave is at 10 Gray Street, Bondi Junction. Ph: 0428 263 666

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