14 February 2021

Valentine's Day Romance at Philly-Up Tempe

It's a beautiful evening in the 'hood so we head down the Princess Highway for some Valentine's Day adventures at Philly-Up.

This Valentine's Day we head out for an evening walk. Past the Town and Country, down along Unwin's Bridge Road, short cut through the Willie The Boatman brewery, zig zag along the backstreets of Sydenham and out to the delightful Princess Highway near Ikea, it's the Champs Elysées of the inner west. On the way Alison has her toes licked by a brown labrador and we meet an old Scot and his handsome doggy companion who looked a lot like Digger from River Cottage. It's a beeyudifool night in the neighbourhood and we are so thankful we can get out and about.

Our destination this evening is the Tempe Hotel. You may not have noticed but it has a VIP Lounge.

It looks like this old girl is getting a bit of a make over, either that or it urgently needs some repairs. Possibly both. It has a lovely big room at the front, all high ceilings, old tiles, exposed brick and wooden floorboards. There's a bistro and a big outdoor area out the back, a couple of groups are sharing the VDay love. One bloke shows us his takeaway roast dinner, he's off home to tuck into his lamb and roast potatoes. The menu here is pub standards, the cheeseburger could just lure us back. We end up drinking schooners of Willie The Boatman Albo Ale - could have saved ourselves some time and had it at the brewery along the way - and then we head off for dinner elsewhere.

The beer preps us for our dining destination, Philly-Up, a service station food truck located between Terry Street and the freight train line and opposite The Good Guys and Tempe Salvos along the Princess Highway. 

Philly-Up is more like a semi-permanent diner than a food truck. The menu goes from all day breakfast and coffee through to the heart attack on a plate fare we are going to have. This is the sort of food that you should probably eat about once a year, your waistline and blood sugars will thank you.

Choose your table for this evening, sir and madam. Nice view of the highway.

Blinded by the light, our cheese steak with waffle fries and rib burger. The Monterrey Jack Cheese steak is full of shredded beef, kind of kebab like in texture and flavour. The continental roll also tastes like it has been fried, it is laden with salt and fat and meat and oh goodness, happy valentines. Coming up next to it is the Hoky Poky Rib Burger, a juicy bone in pork rib in a sweet sauce and covered in melted cheese. It's all kinds of every flavour injected at once, giving up the valentines love a second time.

A Tempe shooting star, becoming a little more common as flights start to increase again.

On our return home we are greeted by our favourite neighbourhood feline, a chunky miss who always stops for a pat and a roll around in the dust. Everyone gets a bit of her love around here.

Philly-Up is at 531 Princess Highway, Tempe.

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