10 November 2021

Sukhothai soup at Khao Kang Maruay ~ Thai, Haymarket

Khao Kang Maruay is a Thai E-San (north eastern Thailand) resto that was one of the last places we dined in before the June lockdown and takeaway only rules in Sydney. It had only just opened on Ultimo Road with offers of small bowls of soup, a takeaway bain-marie-of-love and loads of stuff on sticks. So coming back this week, it's just like picking up where we left off many months ago.

We are big fans of a small bowl of soup, something to tide you over or fill a smaller space in your stomach. There's three different soups on offer here for $6.90 for a small size and $12.90 for a larger bowl. This version is the Sukhotai, a lighter style broth with slices of fish cake, fish balls, quail eggs, roast pork and your choice of noodles (we went thin egg over the more usual rice noodles). With build your own soup adventure fixings at the ready, you can add in as much fish sauce, vinegar, sugar or chilli as you please.

Want other small shots of soup? There's also a yen ta fo (pink fermented tofu soup) or a boat noodle at the same price.

Want to take home some extra for dinner? The hot food bar has choices to take away with rice or as a stand alone dish. We picked up some chilli fried fish and a small tub of pork and egg in a sweet soy sauce.

Khao Kang Maruay is at 4/37 Ultimo Road, Haymarket.


  1. I've missed your posts. Especially the travel ones but also the Sydney stuff. I hope there's more coming.

  2. Looking forward to the food on our next visit to the big smoke!

  3. So great to see you back! Love reading your posts

  4. Thanks for your blog love! We are experimenting with shorter posts of just one or two dishes, it's quicker and easier to do. As places are opening up again we are happily getting back out and loving it, so hopefully there will be more.

  5. Great to have you back and blogging!!!


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