26 November 2021

Khichiri at Flyover Indian Fritterie and Chai Bar - Temperance Lane, CBD ~ Indian

A simple looking dish of slow cooked rice, mustard seeds and spices, but the flavours are a complex whirl of happiness. Deep fried veggie patties and a couple of battered and fried green chillies. Crisp roll of plantain and a spoonful each of coconut crispy and tamarind chutney. Khichiri, khichuri, khichdi, whatever your preferred version, it is mostly the same basic base of rice and split yellow lentils cooked in ghee with spices. 

Perhaps because there's an infinite number of versions, the menu at Fritterie is different every week. This bowl was full of rice and lentils with added quinoa, coconut black lime and a coconut crunch. The long green chillies weren't overly hot, but there was one little sucker of deep fried red chilli inside the khichiri that made us wince with pain. With Sydney's humidity reaching pre-monsoon like levels, its perfect weather for this vegetable bowl-o-goodness. But...

Flyover is having a last week in the CBD tucked into the end of Temperance Lane, it's typical it's moving just when we found it. But never fear, there is another branch soon to open in Redfern.

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