08 December 2011

Kitchen OEC ~ Japanese - Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown [CLOSED]

Kitchen OEC is a little ripper of a Japanese joint in the Sussex Centre Food Court, specialising in  korokke (Japanese potato croquettes) and tonkatsu (like a Japanese schnitzel).


Despite it's small, quirky, niche menu, Kitchen OEC has been running a few years now. The food is simple but it's well cooked and good value, in true Japanese style. We will return just for the uniquely Japanese service. The front of house lady is so smiley and polite, even if we're just stopping by for a 50 cent barley tea.

Korokke  flavours include potato, vegetable, beef, cheese, curry and sukiyaki. Around $1.50 each. When ordering takeaway they will mark the location of each flavour on top of the box so there's no korokke confusion.

Salads to go with the sets.

Croquette set - $8.50. Your choice of 3 croquettes with salad, rice and miso soup.

The croquettes are lightly crumbed and fried just so, the chef has a nice touch. We're hooked on the cheese ones.

Special tonkatsu set - $9.50.  A fried pork (or chicken) cutlet with a lightly cooked googie on top. Served with shallots and pickled veggies.

We love how the tonkatsu is lightly crumbed and less fatty and more eggy than other joints. It is served in a puddle of dashi stock, a great touch. This is a new favourite.


The chicken tonkatsu is just as excellent as the pork. Love how the onions almost melt into the light, sweet sauce. Oishi desu!

Kitchen OEC Menu...

Kitchen OEC is conveniently located next to the bar at the Sussex Centre Food Court, up the escalator at 401 Sussex Street. Chinatown.

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  1. I have been to Kitchen OEC a couple of times and I just love their korokke. However, I am starting to go on drinking meal replacements and I will surely miss this place.

    1. At times of super indulgence I contemplate going down that path. Good luck!

  2. I love this place so much. Makes me want to learn Bob Lennon on guitar. This is also my new favourite food blog. You guys are great!

  3. Anyone knows if they moved somewhere else?

    1. Oh please please please tell me they are opening somewhere else, we're very upset, this was one of our favourites...

  4. Gutted! I too hope they've relocated rather than simply shut up shop. My Chinatown favourite :(

  5. Literally no reason to go to that Sussex Centre Food Court anymore... I really hope someone finds out what happened to OEC, and if they're opening somewhere else.

    1. The new ramen joint is excellent though...

    2. I want them back! Went today and found them gone,.Does anybody know where they went if you do please let me know best tonkatsu this side of Japan!


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