05 February 2010

Kammadhenu Restaurant Review ~ Sri-Lankan/Malaysian/Indian - Newtown

We reckon the best restaurant in Newton is Kammadhenu on King Street: a blend of Sri-Lankan, Malaysian, Indian and Singaporean cuisines. In fact we reckon it’s one of the best restaurants in Sydney. And its a cheap eat too…

Kammadhenu - the best restaurant in Newtown, Sydney - Dosai Masala - Alison's Favourite

Living in the Newtown area we have a hundred or so restaurants within walking distance. For authentic street eats however the choices are down to a few, but there are some gems. We think the best restaurant in Newtown hands-down is Kammadhenu. It also happens to be one of the cheapest. Kammadhenu is run by folks who I think are Malaysian Sri Lankan in origin, they did tell me once but I'd had a few Kingfishers...

Kammadhenu - the best restaurant in Newtown, Sydney - Dosai Masala

We love the dosai here, lovely thin crispy lentil flour crepe wrapping your choices of innards.

Kammadhenu - the best restaurant in Newtown, Sydney - Nasi Lemak with Prawns - My fave
We've been to Kammadhenu about twenty odd times in the last couple of years and it has never failed to impress. We were drawn in by the Malaysian roadside classics including roti chanai and my favourite, nasi lemak.

Nasi lemak is always an adventure: every place does it differently, even in Malaysia (I had a home-made nasi lemak once in Malaysia, I am still drooling years later). The Kammadhenu version of nasi lemak has a Sri Lankan twist and is served with mild prawn curry instead of the usual chicken or beef, it works for me...

They also have a range of curries that we haven't delved into that much, but we can say the chilli crab is to die for, it was like an Indian curry with a twist of Singapore, sweet and spicy. I've had similar in Singapore's Little India.

Kammadhenu - the best restaurant in Newtown, Sydney - Non-Vege Snack Plate

Kammadhenu's menu is varied and far more interesting than your usual curry house. We recommend forgoing the standard curries and trying something different. This time Alison went for the non vege snack plate...

Pretty much everything we have tried there has 'wow' factor. And to top it off the place is dang cheap: their brilliant nasi lemak is only $10, and most curries are just a couple of bucks more. When the restaurant first opened it was even cheaper, so cheap it was almost embarrassing, we are glad they put the prices up a little. And they have great range of beers to boot. It is the place I usually take out-of-town visitors seeking something a little different.

Note there are two Kammadhenu restaurants on King Street, you want the one at the Northern (city) end of King Street, the other one has only half the menu and half the fun.

Kammadhenu - the best restaurant in Newtown, - 171 King Street

Kammadhenu - 171 King Street, up around Vinnies. The best restaurant in Newtown.

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