02 February 2010

There really is a Santa ~ Ajisen Ramen World Square & The Return of The Century Tavern

It is the day after boxing day 2009 and my life is complete.

I discovered today that The Century Tavern is back. Not quite as dodgey, not quite as good, but dangnabitt it’s back. Yes, that tiny little pub on the second floor above Hungry Jacks on George Street Sydney (the Chinatown end next to World Square). I rediscovered it today, and almost wept with joy while sipping my schooner (a strict schmiddy-free zone) and watching George Street go by out the window.

The bar at the Century Tavern - or Bar Century

It has to be one of the best people watching spots in Sydney. And at night it attracts the kind of folks who you only see at night, the normals drink elsewhere. The old bar is still there and looks great with a lick of paint, the makeover has taken away some of the charm but it still retains some history, character and beloved Century Tavern dodginess. The joint was turned into a pokie-den for a few years, but the barman told me it has been back as a proper bar for a few months. The beer tastes better, but they no longer have Berlin Chair (by You Am I) on the jukebox. I can’t have everything. And also unlike the old days I had to leave after three beers…

Delirium at the Century Tavern - or Bar Century

But to cheer me up, right across the road is Ajisen Ramen in World Square. On our trip to Japan a whiles back we fell in love with ramen, that Japanese noodle soup that is more than just delicious: it is medicinal, even spiritual. We have never found a ramen as good as we found in Japan, but Ajisen Ramen at World Square must be one of the best in Sydney (the best we have found in Australia is in Surfers Paradise of all places, in the Centre Arcade) . The perfect ramen is a work of art: a balance of sweet/salty and light/heavy. Asijen Ramen is so close but doesn’t quite hit that magic note that a true Japanese ramen has, but it is close and consistently good.

A fine ramen at Rasijen Ramen World Square

Ajisen Ramen on Urbanspoon

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