04 February 2010

Hotpot King ~ Chinese - Lakeside Road Eastwood (Closed)

After years of eating in formica table joints we finally stumble across the wonderful eating world of Eastwood…

It was one of those crazy hot summer days. We'd spent all day trawling garage sales, markets and op shops for used books and we decided to stop at Eastwood for lunch. It was thirty plus degrees, we were absolutely stuffed and heat cranky. So we stopped at the first restaurant that looks suitably dodgey and had tables outside: a hotpoint joint, just what you need in sub-Sahara conditions.

Sydney Ethnic Street Food - Hotpot King Eastwood

They had a great lunch special: a hotpot and freshly made ice tea (black or green) in a tall glass for $7  - bloody bargain! Man-o-man it was delicious: a really simple clean clear broth with rice noodles or thicker udon style noodles that nicely contrasted the generous serving of crispy skin roast pork with chilli sauce or roast chicken plonked on top. Happy chappies.

Sydney Ethnic Street Food - Hotpot King Eastwood

We had been at Eastwood the night before eating Korean, we just had to come back, it is street food heaven, lots of Korean and Chinese, a good Japanese ramen bar which we have also been to and recommend.

Sydney Ethnic Street Food - Hotpot King Eastwood

You can find Hotpot King at 1 Lakeside Rd Eastwood, it's right next to that outdoor joint on the corner with the big chopsticks in front.

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