07 October 2010

Dumpling King Chinese Restaurant ~ Newtown

Great handmade noodles and wonton soup at Dumpling King, King Street Newtown.

Dumpling King is a little gem. It's casual enough for a quick eat'n'run with enough atmosphere to linger a little longer with friends and a bottle of wine. The dumpling and handmade noodle dishes are the pick here in our humble opinion, these are excellent value at around the $10 mark. They also do the standard Australian 'sweet & sour' style dishes but they seem a bit pricey at around $15 and up. Beers are well priced here, only $5.50 for a Tsingtao.

Stir fried handmade noodles with lamb $9.80. This is the dish I keep coming back for. It is simple but well cooked and not oily as this dish can be in some restaurants.

The handmade noodles here are excellent: thick and rough with the right amount of chew, these wouldn't be out of place in Chinatown, highly recommended.

Miss Chicken chooses the Northern Style Wonton Soup. The clean, plain, simple broth is a nice counter to the fried noodle dish. The wontons are delicious with a peppery porky centre. There's a generous dozen or so good sized wontons in the soup, this is a great dish to share.

Dumpling King Chinese Restaurant is at 194 King Street Newtown.

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