31 October 2010

BBQ One Kitchen ~ Hong Kong Chinese - Eastwood

The only time you can't find a pigeon in Sydney is when you really want one...

Today's happy snap is this gorgeous old 50's atomic/spaceage style drive-in bottle shop in Eastwood, love it! It's falling to bits and likely to disappear anytime soon, sniff, sniff.

Across the tracks is the Eastwood Centre, a non-descript shopping in the mall which hides a great little Hong Kong BBQ joint.

BBQ One Kitchen is a bright spark in a drab shopping centre. We are lucky to get here before the lunchtime rush, last time I was here it was packed solid plus queue of twenty. I took one look at the menu which included pigeon and vowed to return.

I order soya pigeon but alas it is off the menu, permanantly by the sound of it. So was the Deep Fried Pigeon, and the suckling pig wasn't on either. So instead of pigeon we have a relative: Pei Pa Roast Duck with Rice - $10. The staff told us that Pei Pa Roast Duck is like regular roast duck but cooked on both sides, ie it is split/flattened before roasting. This is supposed to make the duck drier and less fatty though it was still super juicy and delicious. I think I prefer regular roast duck though, it just tastes 'duckier'.

Hot Coca Cola with Lemon - $3.50. I first saw this curious beverage on a poster in a cafe in Hong Kong and always regretted not trying it. Well today I get my chance. It's surprisingly ok, even Miss Chicken liked it and she hates Coke, though only because Elvis preferred Pepsi.

Crispy Skin Roast Pork with Stir Noodle - $12. We were expecting a stir fry but it was simply crispy pork on top of plain egg noodles, which we prefer anyways. The pork skin was nice and crackly crunchy, pork juices and sauce soaked into the egg noodles. Yum.

Free Soup! Not photogenic by very tasty, made from stock. And did we mention it was free?

And free tea!

BBQ One Eastwood Menu - Click to Enlarge

BBQ One Eastwood Menu - Click to Enlarge

BBQ One Eastwood Menu - Click to Enlarge

BBQ One Eastwood Menu - Click to Enlarge

BBQ One Kitchen is the Eastwood Centre, on the mall at 160 Rowe St Shop 10-11. There's also a squishier shop at 181 Rowe Street.

I love Eastwood.

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  1. We went here a few weeks ago and had the Roast Duck & Pork combo. I'm envious of the crispy skin you've got here though. I loved the free soup with it's token piece of carrot.

  2. Hehe - Yes there was one orange thing in there :-)

  3. My husband and I went there once and became regulars! Fantastic food!

  4. Not only are you telling everyone about my favourite places to eat but you have actually taken a photo of me at one of them! Keep up the good work! :)

    1. Wow really? Hope we did't blow your cover!

    2. Yeah that's me reading a menu while waiting for a table while showing my best side, so cover not really blown.


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