28 October 2010

Ma's Kitchen - Chinese, Sussex Centre Food Court - Chinatown

Back to our beloved Sussex Centre Food Court for a great Chinese feed.

Miss Chicken & I waddle into Chinatown in the hope we will expend more calories than we are about to consume. We do a doubletake when we see this sign at Mag Nation magazine shop on King Street in Newtown. Is it just us or is this sign wrong on so many levels?

Chinatown is a happy place on Thursday night, it's like Friday night but with less drunk people.

Tonight we're up for some Chinese of the cheap variety so we head up to the Sussex Centre food court.

Can't say I'm tempted by the all-you-can-pile-on-a-plate buffet stall...

Ma's Stir Fry looks worth a shot.

Buttered Tomato Chicken with Rice - $8.80. It's kind of like a sweet and sour chicken with eggy bits and tomato pieces on top of steamed rice. I've seen Chinese folks eating this in the food courts and also in Hong Kong, it looks so wrong but so right, I've been meaning to try it for quite a while. Miss Chicken winced when I ordered this shiny gloopy beast, but on the second mouthful she admits it's delicious. It's not gourmet but it is homely, cheap and very filling.

Shredded Duck Noodle with Mushroom - $9.50. The noodles are amazing - light soft and delicate, cooked well in oyster sauce. The twice cooked duck is excellent and there is lovely large hunks of Chinese mushroom. This is top notch stir fry. Thanks Ma.

I just have to try the Hanain Chicken Rice - $8.90. The chicken is juicy and tender and there is plenty of it, nearly half a chook. The chook lacks some flavour though, lacks that bit of magic to set it apart. Still, it's enjoyable and a bargain.

All is washed down well with some Yanjing Chinese beer, $6.50. I love Chinese beer, it is beer after all.

Food court stalls often give free soup with the meal, here it is extra good, a very tasty chicken soup.

Back again in Dember 2011 and in the mood for some Shinese (shiny Chinese). Ma's Kitchen is about the best bet for Shinese in Sussex Centre. Nothing says Shinese better than sweet and sour pork - $8.80. Nice and crunchy with some smoky wok flavours and a little depth to the sauce. A guilty pleasure.

Spicy belecan sauce beef - $8.80. Stir fried tender beef in a plain-ish sauce give a nice kick with belecan (Indonesian shrimp paste).

I love the window seats at the end, I can almost pretend I'm in Hong Kong...

Ma's Stir Fry Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Ma's Stir Fry Menu - Click to Enlarge.

Ma's Stir Fry is at the Sussex Street Food Centre, 401 Sussex Street, Chinatown. It's next to the infamous Happy Chef, opposite the drinks stall.

Random graffitti - Newtown.


  1. Great review, guys. Minor correction: The name of the joint is Ma's Kitchen - the prominent "Ma's Stir-Fry" is simply a header for the stir-fry menu, alongside "Ma's Laksa" on the right-hand side. ^_^

  2. Thanks for that - Maybe they need a bigger sign!

  3. I like your reviews on Sussex Centre Food Court as it is one of the food courts that I go to alot! I go to Ma's Kitchen sometimes and I can also recommend 'Nasi House' if you like Indonesian Nasi Goreng because to me it is the best Indonesian Nasi Goreng that I've had in Sydney as it is very similar to Nasi Goreng carts/street food in Jakarta where I'm from.

  4. Ma's! Been to Ma's countless times. One of my favourite places in Chinatown for a quick, cheap feed. Sussex Centre is a good food court, it's bigger than Eating World and is the most diverse (cuisine wise) of any Asian food court in Sydney.

    By the way, I heard about another Asian food court in Sydney the other day. It's called "LG Food Court" and is located beneath Woolworths near Town Hall on Pitt Street. Have you guys done anything on it?


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