30 October 2010

Manoosh Lebanese Pizza\Bakery ~ Enmore

Miss Chicken & I have a new rule: no beer on school nights. Thanks god it's Friday, and thank god for Manoosh.

Miss Chicken & I have entered the danger zone: schooner number 3. The third schooner marks the turning point in the proceedings. We can stop at schooner three and still have an evening and next day. If we continue to schooner four however, there's no turning back, schooners five and six are sure to follow, and possibly more, philosophy starts, restaurants close, then it's all stumbling and meat pies (also thank god for Garlos).

To minimize the risk of going to schooner number four, and hence schooners infinity and beyond, we drink at the Queens on Enmore Road, the most boring pub in town.  As a secondary measure we get a window seat where we can see Manoosh, in the hope that it lures us away from schooner number four, and into Lebanese Pizzas of salvation. It works.

Zaatar (delicious blend of dried herbs) with haloumi cheese $4.50.

Spinach and cheese pie - $5.50.

Sujuc Pizza - Spicy Sujuc sausage topped with capsicum, tomato and olives. $6.50. This looked like a regularly skippy pizza but had wonderful flavours of the Middle East. A new favourite.

A fine feast for $16.50. Manoosh is at 170 Enmore Road Enmore.  We highly recommend going for the Lebanese and zataar pizzas rather than the traditional Aussie ones. You can check out the menu at www.manoosh.com.au/images/manooshmenu.pdf

Once upon a time you could eat Manoosh in the Queens Hotel but alas the Queens now has a bistro and you can longer BYO food. The upside is that bistro is run by the Razor's Edge folks and definitely worth a try.


  1. Zaatar AND Haloumi on the same pizza! OMG - drool. My friend was born in the Queens Hotel...really!

  2. Maybe that's what we needed last night after scotch #3 and god knows how many after that...but no pizza across the road from here...

  3. Yes, you need to get that woodfire oven built... maybe next year. I'm sure you could whip up some great pizzas then and never leave the yard!

  4. MelbaTaost - Born at the Queens - what a pedigree! Do tell more next we meet.

  5. Haven't you had our pizza yet? Organic wholemeal flour bases which are homemade, then topped but alas cooked in the oven. Although last night we ate bait for dinner...well Stevos bought calamari for bait but we didn't go fishing so we ate it with the prawns we also bought, and the oysters which we didn't share with the boys.

  6. what do you mean again???


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