05 December 2010

Momoyama ~ Japanese \ Korean - Neutral Bay

Momoyama is a long-running little Japanese\Korean joint in Neutral Bay that makes us feel like we are back in our beloved Japan, for a moment at least.

It's been another long Saturday slogging it out finding and lugging books for our bookshop. We find ourselves in Neutral Bay looking for some Japanese, but we are in the foodie twilight zone of 4pm, everywhere is closed between lunch and dinner. Then we stumble upon Momoyama, in the retro Grove Shopping Centre on Military Road.

Momoyama is a wonderful little hole in the wall joint with a popular sushi counter out the front. It's tiny, just a few tables and a counter where you can sit and watch the kitchen action. We take our stools at the counter and smile like idiots, the decor and vibe in here reminds us so much of Japan, so happy! The menu is mostly Japanese with a few Korean classics.

The place is run by a lovely older couple plus a very cheery lass who never stops working. It's a quiet time of the day but there's a constant stream of regulars dropping by for a sushi fix, we get the impression that Momoyama has many long-time fans. A bit of googling tells me Momoyama has been here since the 1990s.

Gyu don - Japanese beef bowl - beef, vegetables, egg, and donburi sauce on rice - $9.80. I really enjoy the Korean touch to this Japanese classic, the extra grated veggies and slight hit of spice is a welcome twist. Though the rice seemed a bit el-cheapo, not the nice Japanese rice I was hoping for.

Alison is REALLY hungry, she never normally orders anything deep fried. But when your stomach is growling nothing refreshes like a Tonkatsu Bento - deep fried pork cutlet with with katsu sauce and steamed rice. $13. It also has a little bit of pickle, seaweed salad and some cold cooked potato, beans and carrot, probably in a little bit of dashi and mirin. As with the gyu don it didn't have Japanese rice, but we were still happy.

Momoyama menu - click to enlarge.

Momoyama menu - click to enlarge.

The little front stall had a selection of boxed sushi, some hand rolls that looked good, inari pockets and sashimi.

Momoyama is at Shop 9 The Grove - 166- 174 Military Road, Neutral Bay. Ph 9953 1864. Walk all the way through to the back, almost to the car park.

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  1. what are you doing on that side of the bridge???

  2. we were masquerading as good looking wealthy people :-)

  3. ...and attempting to lower the property prices!


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