15 December 2010

Shanghai Food House ~ Chinese - Ashfield

A lazy Sunday lunch at one of the classic Shanghai Chinese joints in Ashfield.

We had been craving more Chinese after our lunch in Hurstville the day before. On a hot afternoon, Ashfield seemed close enough, with a large choice. Shanghai Food House is your typical basic Chinese joint, though this one has disco lights on the ceiling. It looks like it has been recently done up.

Sweet And Sour Pork Ribs - about $8. Less sweet than usual with a nice strong dark vinegar flavour. It's a rustic sweet'n'sour pork for grown ups. Yum!

Fried Bamboo - about $5 - we're addicted to bamboo. This had an earthy saucy flavour to it, not really fried at all.

Tofu with preserved egg. About $8. We liked how it was chopped up so the preserved egg didn't overpower the senses. The 'not so heavy' egg flavour reminded us of the Neil Perry version of this dish at Spice Temple.

Shallot pancake - about $4. A nice alternative to rice as a stodge filler. Delicious when dunked in the sweet and sour sauce of the pork ribs.

These pancakes are thick and fluffy, a cross between white bread and a pan pizza crust. Deliciously different to your regular Chinese shallot pancake.

Shanghai Style Beef Noodle Soup - about $8. Rice noodles in a plain, simple, refreshing broth, with beef and plenty of veggies.

The beef was most interesting, it looked and tasted like corned beef or silverside, depending on what your nanna called it. Yum. Alison often cooks corned beef with star anise, cassia and other asian flavours, a really different taste to the traditional style.

If you can't decided what to order from the menu, go to the counter and choose from the dozens of side dishes on display. Many folks dropped in for these to take away.

More Shanghai side dish goodness...

Even More Shanghai side dish goodness. We liked the look of the fried sardine like fish at the back and the larger chunks next to them. How good does the roast pork at the front look?

How my takeway container gently weeps...Cucumbers in garlic, chicken feet, frozen pig skin and seaweed salad.

I'd like to dive in mouth first.

Shredded vegetables and pig tripe.

Radish, beef lungs in chilli. The dried tofu strips at the back that look like spaghetti are on our list for next time.

Shanghai Food House is at 276b Liverpool Road, Ashfield. Ph 9716 5156.

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  1. I always get sucked in by the Shallot pancakes only to find they are too oily - these looked really good. Roast pork looks GOOD!

  2. The pork ribs look & sound amazing. I'm not too keen on the sweet with the sour

  3. can't believe what an amazing choice of food they have to take away. Yum!

  4. Sadly this place is no longer there.


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